frontier vets (series 1)

Follow eight veterinary students who have been placed in an isolated rural village near South Africa’s Kruger national park and their mission: to run an underresourced animal clinic.

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13 x 30'

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Green Bay Pty





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8 final year vet students from South Africa and other parts of the world are placed into an isolated rural village on the border of the world famous Kruger National Park in South Africa. Their mission: to run an under resourced animal clinic. This is their first chance at gaining real work experience as the responsibility for the lives of the animals, and the livelihoods of their owners, is firmly placed on their young shoulders. Their patients can vary from dogs and cattle, to lions, elephants and rhino. Working under stressful conditions, with very little sleep and the constant threat of disease and the unknown, they will need to be able to manage their relationships with their patients, their clients, and their fellow colleagues. It’s a brutal learning ground where the constant threat of emotional burnout hangs heavily over the young charges. They will deal with life and death on a daily basis and learn tough life lessons they were never taught in the classroom. Frontier Vets is a dramatic journey of personal and professional growth as we follow the idealistic vet--to-be as they put theory into practice and find this beautiful but harsh environment to be a tough teacher. Will they overcome the obstacles? How will the experience shape them? What kind of vets, and people, will they become?

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