growing up hip hop (series 2)

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10 x 60'

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Entertainment One Television





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The heirs of hip-hop royalty step out from their iconic parent’s shadow, in a fight to establish their own legacies. But as they hustle for independent success, will they triumph or be crushed by the weight of their extraordinary worlds? In Season 2 secrets and lies shatter the perfect sheltered worlds of Angela Simmons, Romeo Miller, Damon “Boogie” Dash, Kristinia DeBarge, TJ Mizell, and Egypt Criss as this group of tight knit friends struggle to step out of the shadows of their legendary parents. Joining the cast this season, Andre King [high fashion model and brother to Swizz Beatz] and Sonny Gotti [son of Murder Inc. Founder, Irv Gotti].

Episode Titles

Blinged up, Throne Down Boogie Down Run in the Oven
Immaculate Deception Only God and Janet Would Know Busta Crime
Straight Trippin' Denial Ain't Just a River in Egypt Lie to Fly
Emipre State of Mind

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