wild warrior encounters

Join Kristina Guberman, as she joins a wonderful volunteer programme protecting rhino and other endangered wildlife species at Imire in Zimbabwe.

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6 x 30'

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Goddunnit Productions





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Volunteers from all parts of the globe are drawn to Imires’ wildlife and rhino conservancy for one vital purpose …. preserve and protect these incredible animals at all costs. This reality like series highlights the every day life that the volunteers go through. It’s hard work but well worth the effort. The daily tasks range from cleaning out rhino paddocks, assisting veterinarians to helping the anti poaching unit. The impending threat of rhino poachers is a never ending battle, but with the help of the volunteers, anti poaching unit and an incredible elephant that can actually track the scent of poachers, Imire keeps on winning. Ultimately, these black rhino will be released back to the Zambezi valley where this bloodline originated. The management team at Imire are understaffed, so the help from volunteers is incredibly useful. Travel presenter Kristina Guberman is the feature volunteer in this series that dedicated 3 months of her time to this wonderful cause. She sees multiple volunteers come and go during her stay, mingling and working with delightful like- minded people along the way. Getting to understand Imire’s vision is truly inspirational. In the past, several black rhino were released back into the Matusadona National Park on the shores of Lake Kariba. Over the next few years, relocating more rhino into the Zambezi valley will hugely enrich the area. Protecting these precious animals comes with a huge price tag, with 24 hour armed security including the introduction of an amazing anti poaching tracking dog. Drama, passion, action and of course humor, is guaranteed to keep the proposed television viewer engaged and an added conservation message will be a massive help for this wonderful initiative.

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