secret life of baby owls, the

This stunning series uncovers 'The Secret Life Of Owls' as never seen before, using a special camera rig to follow families of owls in a wild corner of rural Essex, through winter, spring and summer.

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2 x 60'

Production Company

Windfall Films





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Owls - with their huge eyes, flat faces and distinctive hoot – they are truly iconic!creatures. But how much do we really know about these mysterious nocturnal birds? We’re about to find out as we follow the fate of new born baby owls as they grow up and learn to fly. By following their individual journeys from egg to air, this stunning series will reveal the secrets of owl life; the family dramas, threats and challenges that they face – and the amazing adaptations that allow them to rule the skies… Welcome to the magical world of baby owls. We begin by meeting the parents to be and witness the delicate mating rituals of male and females each looking for a mate. We follow their progress as they lay and incubate their eggs, until their precious baby owlets hatch. Then we’ll follow the fortunes of these super cute infants, following their intrepid exploits as they learn to fly and finally leave the nest. Not all of them will make it…

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