animal homes: natural born engineers

In this serie we investigate how skillful and diverse animal engineering and architecture can be, and explore the intriguing behaviours and social interactions that take place in and around animal homes.

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1 x 90' or 3 x 60'

Production Company

A production of Coneflower Productions and THIRTEEN Productions LLC in co-production with Terra Mater Factual Studios.





Episode Information

In nature, many animals build homes in their very own style, following a special construction plan – a secret blueprint that evolution has somehow stored in their instincts. The results are burrows, nests and dens that differ extremely in size, shape and function. In this three-part series, ecologist and conservationist Chris Morgan presents some of the most elaborate structures, as well as surprising facts and findings about these amazing animal homes. From the clay nest of the ovenbird to the wooden dam of the beaver, from the black bear's den to the underground burrows of the skink – the camera follows the animal architects, to give unprecedented insights into their unique hiding places. Wildlife real estate provides a shelter against weather and predators. A nest to rest, a safe home to rear their young – this is what all house hunters need. Also available is a presenterless version.

Episode Titles

The Nest Episode 001 Location, Location, Location
Episode 002 Animal Cities Episode 003

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