guadalquivir: great river, the

From the snow-covered summits of Cazorla through Doñanas salt marshes right to the seashore, we follow the film’s main character – the fox - as is travel along the banks of the great River, Guadalquivir.

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1 x 60'

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A Terra Mater Factual Studios / Wanda Vision co-production.





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Carnivorous, vegetarian or a scavenger – a fox is our main character in this journey along the Guadalquivir, which Arab Emirs once called Wadi al Kabir – the Great River. It flows for 650 kilometres before merging into the Atlantic Ocean in the salt marshes of Doñana, the greatest European paradise of wildlife. The fox has everything it takes to be the main character for our trip along the Guadalquivir. Living alone or with others, it has the stealth of a cat and the slyness of a wolf. And more than that, it has no respect for the rules of the field. Following the riverbanks, heading south to a safer surrounding, we discover many more animals along the way. The river, rich with dragonflies, poses many mysteries: sturgeons, prehistoric giants, once lived here – then suddenly disappeared. Meanwhile, the Doñana salt marshes are alive with birds. Flamingos, glossy ibises, purple swamp hens and spoonbills gather in vast numbers. And close to the salt marshes hides the most endangered feline in the world – and the fox’s worst enemy: the Iberian lynx. Together with the fox we embark on a journey from the snow-covered summits of Cazorla to the seashore, where the Guadalquivir flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

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