harnas wildlife rescue

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26 x 30'

Production Company

A co-production of Cosmos Factory and EIKON Südwest in association with Terra Mater Factual Studios





Episode Information

Harnas is a large farm in southern Africa that offers shelter to abandoned wild animals. Its residents are as varied as the countryside: lions, baboons, wild dogs, cheetahs, mongooses and antelopes. The van der Merwefamily who own the farm take on volunteers from all over the world to help run their animal orphanage: the young people come to meet exotic animals and to get a taste of the ‘real’ Africa. City slickers from London, New York and Frankfurt suddenly become volunteers to help forweeks or months, while paying for their stay. Together, they feed, monitor and study around 400 types of animals. They get in close contact with wild dogs and other predators. But they are safe, protected by characters likeFrikkie, the hard-boiled Namibian cowboy who gives the kids a hard time; by Hermann, the gentle giant who has spent most of his life in the bush; and by Schalk van der Merwe, former football pro and manager of Harnas, who has an almost eerie ability to talk and walk with lions. ’Harnas –Wildlife Rescue Camp’is the story of the animals living at Harnas and some amazing people who do all they can to help them.

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