real dingo, the

“The Real Dingo” explores the intimate and secretive lives of these wild dogs in Australia’s Blue Mountains.

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1 x 60'

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Produced by Humble Bee Films for Terra Mater Factual Studios






US International Film & Video Festival 2014 (Redondo Beach, USA): S-Silver Screen (Category: Documentary Programs - Nature & Wildlife)

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Say hello to the most controversial dog on the planet! Not even the big bad wolf can touch the dingo when it comes to being feared and hated. It is after all a ‘baby killer’ in the eyes of many Australians. But is our perception of the dingo the right one? For the first time ever, a film crew sets out to discover what it takes to be a dingo. By following a pack as the pups emerge, we explore the intimate lives of dingoes, high in Australia’s Blue Mountains. For several years, dingo expert Brad Purcell has been following a pack in a secret Blue Mountain valley. Last year, for the first time, he observed adult dingoes teaching their pups how to kill. This training is essential if young dingoes are to learn the ropes and survive. Brad’s access offers a unique insight into Australia’s top land predator. Using the latest science, we explore how this controversial dog fits into the Australian landscape and how it has taken the role of top predator. Understanding what it takes to be a dingo has never been more crucial.

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