sri lanka: precious isle

programme information


1 x 60'

Production Company

A Terra Mater Factual Studios production in co-production with NDR





Episode Information

Join us on a journey to the most beautiful regions of Sri Lanka, in the company of a select group of individuals who inhabit this precious land. At first glance, a stilt fisherman, a skateboard designer, a young business woman, and a mahout who takes care of a one-of-a kind tusker don’t have a lot in common. However, these different characters take us to their individual living environments and thereby to some of Sri Lanka’s most picturesque spots. All of them have developed unique ways to make a living as they all share passion for their occupations, and love for their land and people. Their individual stories come together at the Kataragama Perahera Festival. Here, they worship the Hindu god Lord Kataragama. Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims join the celebrations as the town of Kataragama is a sacred site for all of them, and Lord Kataragama is the idol who connects all these groups in the most amicable and colourful way. This peaceful event is in stark contrast to voices trying to foment conflict between certain groups of Sri Lankan residents, and sheds light on today's remarkable co-existence of Sri Lankan people of different languages, religions and culture

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