wild weather with richard hammond

programme information


3 x 60' or 1 x 90'

Production Company

Terra Mater Factual Studios





Episode Information

We all feel qualified to talk about the weather. But despite it going on around us all the time, the secrets of how weather works remain hidden from view.
Because all weather, even the everyday stuff, is riddled with mystery and wonder. The hidden mechanics at work are often amazing and sometimes downright magical. Yet despite scientists studying weather phenomena for thousands of years, we know far less about how weather actually works than you might expect. In this series, Richard Hammond gets right in amongst real weather — or, at least, weather as real as he can possibly make it — to discover the unexplained and the unexpected, the unbelievable and the just plain unlikely, in an attempt to unravel those secrets. Wild Weather with Richard Hammond’ is a weather series unlike any other and it will completely change our understanding of the extraordinary natural forces at play in our weather. Only by properly understanding our weather, we can better learn to live with it. Also available is a presenterless version.

Episode Titles

Wind: The Invisable Force Water: The Shape Shifter Temperature: The Driving Force

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