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Year That Rocked The World, The
Year That Rocked The World, The 5 x 60'
Some years stand out above all others; years that are loaded with shocking events, incredible human achievements and life-changing moments in history.

THE YEAR THAT ROCKED THE WORLD celebrates iconic and extraordinary global moments from politics, cinema, crime, celebrity, sport, disasters, science, inventions, music and arts - landmark events and breakthroughs in the course of one year that profoundly shaped the world today.

This captivating new series draws on a wealth of fascinating film archive from the world’s leading collections. Engaging interviews from a regular cast of well known faces provide lively social commentary and relevance to the stories, while legendary pop tunes capture the mood and energy of that year.
Executive Producer
Fiona Scott, Jorge Franzini, Rob Burk
Produced For
Off the Fence for CuriosityStream in association with ZDF Enterprises