eye for detail, an

This short film hopes to dis­pel the myths that are wide­ly spread and which peo­ple believe to be true. Cre­at­ing a film that not only enter­tains audi­ences but also edu­cates audi­ences about the vital role snakes play as part of the eco-system.

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1 x 15'

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WaterBear Network





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22-year-old Alfie Bowen is an up and coming wildlife photographer whose work is starting to take the world by storm, and his fans include the likes of Chris Packham and Richard Branson. But his life wasn’t always this promising. Having been diagnosed with autism at age 11, he was bullied constantly at school, and at university, which resulted in suicide attempts and psychosis. What kept him going throughout all of this was his love for animals, and finding an outlet for this passion through photography. An Eye For Detail explores how nature and art can become not only an outlet for those living with disabilities, but a therapy for people struggling with mental illness.

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