'Rubicon' is a story of four fearless, everyday people with extraordinary vision.

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1 x 90'

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Doclights, NDR Naturfilm, The Biodiversity Foundation





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Yidan, Indigo, Alina and Frederik live in the midst of the cracks that split ­between a formerly healthy planet and an uncertain, potentially frightening future. They take us on a journey into their worlds, from infamous wildlife markets in Chinese megacities to mines swallowing up primeval forests in the heart of Europe, from the troubled plains of the Serengeti into Arctic underwater worlds. Trying to find a life worth living for in these margins, they each risk their lives taking a stand for their corners of the world - for the animals, trees, for the biodiversity we need to survive, for a stable global climate. In doing so, they each face an overwhelming fight they can’t win alone, taking on industry titans, illegal trade mafias, totalitarian regimes, human wildlife conflict and establishment systems that profess to stand for change, but are entirely incapable of doing so. But still they march on… It’s easy to underestimate the impact of these individuals or think that ­humanity may never affect change, let alone turn systems around. But in times of crisis, when those at the top often fail us, leadership emerges all around. And it looks courageous, empathetic and persistent. RUBICON is a journey with fortifying promise. It’s not a film about hope, it’s not about someone else providing the fix or suggesting answers to write a perfect future. Yidan, Indigo, Alina and Frederik show us how caring about your backyard and showing up to take a stand everyday, matters. 'Rubicon' is a story of four fearless, everyday people with extraordinary vision.


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