perfect parenting

Raising kids is a nerve-wrecking task, just look at us humans, but for animal parents mother nature can be even more demanding, so they evolved some clever strategies for rearing their offspring.

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1 x 60'

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Terra Mater Studios





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Parenting is not easy, just looking at us humans, raising children is a nerve-wracking task. But for animal parents, mother nature is even more demanding. So, animals have evolved different strategies for rearing their young. Under the waves a female octopus is looking for a vacancy, a safe place to lay her eggs. High in the treetops an Orangutan mother shows her child how to traverse from branch to branch. In some species the fathers take care of the offspring – poison dart frogs, for example. For other animals, rearing young is a group effort. Single mothers and fathers, same sex couples and whole colonies of sisters – all are working hard to ensure their offspring’s survival. And, just as a side note: this film is perfect to leep your little ones occupied - at least for fifty minutes.

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