horse power: american legacies

‘Horse Power: American Legacies’ takes us on a journey tracing the emergence the iconic american horse breeds - Mustang, Appaloosa, Morgan and Quarterhorse.

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1 x 60'

Production Company

A production of Grizzly Creek Films, The WNET Group in co-production with Terra Mater Studios in association with PBS and CPB





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American horses are icons. Mustang. Appaloosa. Morgan. Quarterhorse. Even their names suggest a timeless power. Horsepower that shaped a nation. A nation whose demands shaped them. Each has a unique story to tell. Born of legendary historical moments, charismatic figures, and singular places, this documentary takes us on a journey tracing the emergence of these breeds over time. But the work to understand, create, and maintain their legacies is not over. Today’s horse trainers are as diverse as the horses they care for. Their passion is unbridled – for they continue in the long tradition of innovation and husbandry that is now part of the very fabric of America. These are the stories of American horses – and true Horse Power, brought to the screen.

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