blue carbon nature's hidden power

In the fight against climate change, we may have overlooked our greatest ally.

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1 x 90'

Production Company

Make Waves Media, HHMI Tangle Bank Studios, CNN Films & NDR





Episode Information

Told through the eyes of Grammy-nominated music producer, DJ and environmental toxicologist, Jayda Guy, accompanied by a score from the Wu-Tang Clan's RZA and featuring Seu Jorge, 'Blue Carbon Nature's Hiden Power' brings together music and science to uncover what could be one of our greatest weapons in the fight against climate change.

Filmed in the USA, Senegal, Vietnam, France, Colombia and Brazil, the documentary explores the latest science around the potential of coastal ecosystems to help turn down our planet’s thermostat. This blue carbon can be found in salt marshes, seagrasses and mangroves, but it is a race against time to protect and restore these vital ecosystems and to harness their untold power in the battle against global warming.

Punctuated with stunning encounters with the natural world - such as the Florida manatee, humpback whales and the American crocodile - and uncovering the unlikely heroes at the heart of conservation, the film provides a much-needed ray of hope in troubling times.

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