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1 x 60'

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Spunco Films





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Enter the world of whales. A frantic chase unfolds in the clear waters of the South Pacific. A humpback mother protects her calf from a passionate male, and when the pursuit is over, the warmest moment of nursing takes place. Shot over a six year period and featuring eight distinct species of cetaceans, 'Whalelands’ takes viewers on a fantastic ocean journey right into the heart of the whale's world. Discover behaviors never filmed before and take inspiration from the most powerful stories of nature as told by the largest, mightiest beings on our planet. Antarctica, Baja California, Northern Norway, Patagonia, and the South Pacific set the stage for this action packed one-hour nature special. Welcome to the whale's world, welcome to 'Whalelands’. For the treatment, please copy and paste this into your browser - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zEzKz1RF0BZkI9BRiV6d0npxsX5qPGHl/view?usp=sharing

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