giant's achilles heel, the

This short film brings PAMS’ revolutionary investment platform ?‘My Planet’ vividly to life.

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1 x 15'

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WaterBear Network





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PAMS' investment platform, ‘My Planet’, works by using blockchain technology - the same used to run Crypto Currencies - to create a pier to pier platform that allows PAMS donors around the world to connect directly with PAMS project staff on the ground. Goals are agreed between the NGO and the local people they work with, and funds are then released once those goals have been met. In this film we go to the Elephant Guardian Project in Tanzania to see how this system works. Introducing 26 year old Elephant Guardian - a passionate advocate for the conservation of local wildlife in his community and one of 7 Guardians. We will hear about his passion for wildlife, including elephants, but also how these animals threaten livelihood within the community and therefore how hard it was to get the community on side to see the positives of the elephant’s presence. On the donor side, we have a young, charismatic Italian, who while more removed from the Elephant Guardians' mission, is deeply passionate. The film, like the app, will unite these contrasting worlds as never before creating an unparalleled sense of connection between the donor and the Guardians and the communities they are a part of.

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