go gently (w/t)

Stunning in its views, refreshing in its truths, and soothing and entertaining in its warm and personable approach, Go Gently is truly a feel-good series for the soul.

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6 x 60'

Production Company

Dash Pictures





Episode Information

From growing up in the magical Wizarding World, to relocating to the sun-kissed hills of Los Angeles, actress and director Bonnie Wright is swapping spells for science. After developing a deep-rooted passion for the evolving climate movement, Bonnie is about to embark upon a spirited adventure to explore the US west coast to discover the impact of our place within this beautiful, fragile, interdependent ecosystem we call Earth. In the 6-episode series, Bonnie and the team will adventure from San Diego to Oregon on a scenic road trip to inspire and ignite eco-friendly practices we can apply to the way we eat, shop, create and travel. Each episode will feature 3-4 places to stop or camp at, where Bonnie and her fantastic group of unique and wonderful guests will take part in engaging and thought-provoking activities, ranging all the way from composting to whale-watching.

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