extinction! going, going, gone!

Countless animals from across the globe currently face extinction; if we are to stem the tide we must understand the lifestyles and habitats of the awe inspiring creatures currently in danger.

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1 x 60'

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Doclights GmbH / NDR Naturfilm





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Extinction, a daunting and confusing word. A force of nature, that sees the end of species, but also heralds the birth of others. Right now the extinction rate could be as much as 10,000 times faster than it should be. We are almost certainly living through a mass extinction event unlike the world has ever seen before. 20% of fish, a fifth of all reptiles and a staggering quarter of known mammals currently face extinction. If we are to do anything to stem the tide of extinction we must understand the lifestyles and habitats of those in danger.

The question is, how much of this is down to us and what can we do to steer it back on course? In many ways we have caused this decline of wildlife and wild places. If we have the power to cause these massive changes we surely also have the power and a responsibility to correct them.

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