monkey thieves (series 2)

Jaipur, India is home to the most riotous, unruly and lawless pack of monkeys the world has ever seen… Monkey Thieves is back for a second series.

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13 x 30'

Production Company

Off the Fence





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It’s been six months since the Galta Gang sadly lost their leader Tarak during the battle of all battles to save their temple home and newborn family members. Since then things have been looking up for Rani and her ever expanding troop. Tarak’s former deputy Kamal has stepped up as Rani’s new partner as well as the gang’s new leader, and at six months of age her latest baby, Teejay (Tarak Junior), is fully weaned and becoming more and more independent by the day. What’s more, Zamir, the troop’s arch enemy has at last been deported to a far away forest more than 70km away. But as the Galta Gang manage to keep their lives pretty much in the balance, it appears external have forces have been working against them. This time it isn’t extreme weather or a rebel within that’s about to challenge them for their lives, it’s the financial institutions thousands of miles away in New York, Tokyo and London that now hold the key to the future of all wild-living urban macaques in India. It seems the global credit crunch is about to hit the Galta Gang hard.

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