into the wild: india

Into the Wild: India takes the viewer on an enthralling 10-part journey through India’s magical wildernesses, showcasing its most iconic and spectacular creatures, alongside a supporting cast of less familiar but equally enchanting species.

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10 x 60'

Production Company

Off the Fence





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India’s diverse habitats range from tundra to hot desert, from rainforest to urban jungle. Its enormous ecological and geographical diversity make it one of the planet’s wildlife hotspots. Having less than 3% of our planet’s landmass, it harbours nearly 8% of the Earth's known plant and animal species.

This series covers the length and breadth of this vast country, delving into some of its richest and most diverse habitats. Each episode features an individual animal or family group, showcasing their remarkable lives and the formidable challenges they face in order to survive. Along the way, we meet some of the other species with which they share their homes – their neighbours, their predators, and their prey – revealing new and untold stories that engage, surprise and enlighten.

Limited Rights Avilable - German and French speaking world & India - Freen Analogues TV only.

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