wildest islands (series 1)

This iconic and landmark series is a celebration of the world’s most spectacular island locations, and the people and wildlife who call these jewels home.

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5 x 60'

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Off the Fence





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Islands can be home to the most extreme examples of life, as nature evolves in the most dramatic way. Sometimes isolated for hundreds of thousands of years, pockets of individuals adapt to survive, fuelling a rapid and continuous development of new species. Some of the Zanzibar archipelago’s bizarre creatures have developed to an enormous size. The world’s largest crab scales trees in search of coconuts, and clouds of giant bats fill the skies at dusk. Under the cover of darkness, giant leatherback turtles visit Trinidad’s beaches to lay their eggs. Dominica’s volcanic heritage gives it fertile soils, making the island rich in flowering plants. Situated 1,000km west of Ecuador, the Galapagos archipelago has been so little exposed to humans, it allowed Charles Darwin to study and rethink the laws of nature. Join us for a celebration of these spectacular island locations, and the people and wildlife who call them home.

Episode Titles

Zanzibar: Land of Giants The Caribbean: The Wild Side of Paradise Galapagos: Darwin's Eden
Sri Lanka: Monsoon Island The Hebrides: Land of Legends

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