amazing wedding cakes (series 2)

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14 x 60'

Production Company

Film Garden





Episode Information

This season has found our bakers ready to raise the cakes! In LA, Reva and Marc have opened a shop of their own. In Chicago, Brenda and Mary continue to push the envelope. In New York, Lauri has broken away from her former partner and re-envisioned her shop. And in Orange County, Christopher Garren is going big or going home.

Episode Titles

Terra Cotta, Heart, Rose Panel Turntable, Barcelona, Garden Super Hero, Art Deco, Coral
Cigar-Roo, Beehive, Art Deco Origami, Humidor, Cherry Blossom Fantasy, Arboretum, Retro Fabric
Silent Movie, City Girl, NYC Bridal Show Lakers, Treasure Chest, Lace Peacock, Luggage, Bridal Show
Castle, Concentric Circles, Tropical Flowers Ascot, Grass, Calla Lily Persian, Luxury Car, Lace Embroidery
Corset, Chicago Themed, Russian Renaissance, Quilted, Lavender

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