asia's monarchies

Asia's Monarchies investigates the relationship between the people of Asia and their monarchs.

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5 x 60'

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MCN/Off the Fence





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As Asia continues to be the fastest-growing economic region in the world, will Asia’s monarchies be able to keep the pace?

Asia’s Monarchies are all unique, but there is one thing they all share in common - all are at a fascinating point in their various histories.

In this five-part series we journey to the heart of these beautiful lands to understand the relationship between the people and their monarchs. To many, their monarchy is an anachronism – an institution that hampers progression. To others it is the heart and soul of their nation, part of their shared history and a guard against the dangers of modernity. What is clear is that Asia's monarchies are at a tipping-point and that what happens to each of them will hasten a new era that will affect not only the East but the whole world.

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