instant millionaires

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1 x 60'

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Hoff Productions





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It could be a lottery, an inheritance, a lawsuit, a stock option, or a game show. In a few seconds an unknown man or woman becomes an instant millionaire. It's a dream come true. Debts are erased. Everyone's your friend. The sky's the limit. But what really happens? Do dreams come true? Can money erase problems? Can money buy happiness? Or does instant income have a hidden price tag? Ian Woodley, an unemployed father living on public assistance, was the lucky winner who became England's first TV game show millionaire. We meet Ian today, and see his new lifestyle of leisure. He's driving around London in a new red convertible, and playing snooker with friends while the rest of us work. Even Posh Spice is giving him advice on managing his windfall! But the dark side of instant, unearned, extreme wealth can be sizeable. How do justify your sudden success, and does it inevitably lead to feelings of inadequacy and depression? Or does money truly make you happy?

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