girl who makes miracles, the

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1 x 60'

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Nobles Gate Ltd





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At the age of 3, Audrey Santo fell into the family swimming pool and entered a coma-like state referred to as akinetic mutism. On her return from hospital, religious statues in her home began to weep and stigmata appeared on her body. 17 years after her accident, Audrey is still in a coma, still stigmatic, and the statues continue to weep. Sceptics have been investigating the Santo case for years, and argue that the claims are false and that Audrey is being used as a gruesome tourist attraction. This film follows a commission’s continuing investigation into these and other miracles. It also invites the sceptics to conduct their own investigation and, where possible, supervise their own tests. Is it a miracle? Or simply an unholy con?

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