my gorilla dream

‘My Gorilla Dream’ is an epic observational documentary following the award-winning cinematographer Vianet Djenguet as he fulfils his lifelong dream to embed himself within a gorilla habituation.

1 x 90'

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‘The Future from Above’ takes us on a journey of discovery to find out how the world could look in 2050 - the defining year for our planet’s future - where “the climate fight” remains the consuming battle of our age.

SCIENCE     4 x 60'

future from above, the

Join field biologist and passionate conservationist Dan O’Neill in this five-episode visual feast as he explores the largest living examples of five very different and very BIG animals!

NATURE & WILDLIFE     5 x 60'


‘My Gorilla Dream’ is an epic observational documentary following the award-winning cinematographer Vianet Djenguet as he fulfils his lifelong dream to embed himself within a gorilla habituation.

NATURE & WILDLIFE     1 x 90'

my gorilla dream

This series explore's the top 10 extraordinary abilities creatures have evolved to make it in the animal kingdom.

NATURE & WILDLIFE     10 x 60'

nature's ultimate survivors

The iconic series looks at Africa's spectacular landscapes, cities, people and wildlife, from a totally new perspective.

NATURE & WILDLIFE     10 x 60'

africa from above

This film is Pope Francis’s witness statement and call to action. Calling on all people to stand together for the future of our planet.


letter: a message for our earth, the

Journey into the lives of the planet’s ultra rich moguls and discover how their influence has shaped our lives.

HISTORY     3 x 60'


'Ancient Murder Mysteries' travels back in time to iconic epochs and cultures to re-tell the stories of infamous and little-known murders in a totally fresh way.

HISTORY     6 x 60'

unearthed: ancient murder mysteries

Discover how history's greatest engineering marvels have changed the world!

SCIENCE     10 x 60'

ancient engineering

Going Circular unlocks the secrets to an innovative concept called circularity - an economic system that eliminates waste and saves the planet’s resources.

SCIENCE     1 x 90'

going circular

This extraordinary series looks behind the scenes at the Jane Goodall Institute's Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Centre in the Republic of the Congo, one of the largest great ape sanctuaries in Africa.

NATURE & WILDLIFE     6 x 60'

jane goodall's chimps of tchimpounga

Underworld is a visually spectacular cave exploration series shot in five international locations.

NATURE & WILDLIFE     5 x 60'


The Year That Rocked The World celebrates iconic and extraordinary global moments from politics, cinema, crime, celebrity, sport, disasters, science, inventions, music and arts - landmark events and breakthroughs in the course of one year that profoundly shaped the world today.

HISTORY     5 x 60'

year that rocked the world, the

'Born To Be Wild' takes the viewer on an enthralling five part journey through South America, India and Africa, showcasing some of the world’s animals as they experience the first few months of life.

NATURE & WILDLIFE     5 x 60'

born to be wild

This film delves deep into the male mind in an attempt to understand the psychology of familicide and what drives men to kill their wife, children - and very often themselves.

CRIME     1 x 60'

family man

Journey to Japan to discover its seasons, through the traditional lifestyle of the people and the constant changes of nature and wildlife.

TRAVEL & ADVENTURE     2 x 60'

japan: the sense of season

A filmmaker forges an unusual friendship with an octopus living in a South African kelp forest, learning as the animal shares the mysteries of her world.


my octopus teacher

Meet the crew of the Angra Pequena, a team of experts dedicating their lives to the safeguarding of the marine ecosystem off the coast of African.

NATURE & WILDLIFE     3 x 60'

oceans africa

Turkey’s Hidden Gems takes viewers on an epic, cinematic road trip across Turkey, from East to West.

HISTORY     3 x 60'

turkey's hidden gems

This magical one-hour wildlife special, set entirely in the snow, will show you animal stories that will melt your heart.

NATURE & WILDLIFE     1 x 60'

winter wonderland

Europe’s New Wild explores the resurgence of iconic wildlife and natural processes across the continent’s most breathtaking landscapes.

NATURE & WILDLIFE     6 x 60'

europe's new wild

Follow environmental scientist, Preston Sowell’s journey of discovery, loss and adventure as he seeks the truth about The Lost Temple of Inca.

HISTORY     1 x 60'

lost temple of the inca

This film delves deep inside a murder investigation to reveal how painstaking police work and rapid decision-making by detectives led to the conviction of a man determined to take the ultimate control over his wife.

CRIME     1 x 60'

murdered by my husband

Wild Edens: South Asia captures many contrasting ecosystems and the rare and charismatic wildlife that inhabit them; an all-star lineup including elephants, rhino, leopards and tigers.

NATURE & WILDLIFE     1 x 60'

wild edens: south asia

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