birdmen chronicles

Discover the closest activity to man realising he can fly and is labelled (perhaps unfairly) as “probably the most dangerous sport in the world' - Wingsuiting.

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1 x 60'

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Sabido Productions





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Wingsuiting is an activity that probably comes the closest to realising man’s age-old desire to fly. Participants don a specially designed jumpsuit that adds surface area to their bodies, enabling a significant increase in lift and controlled flight. They literally fly like birds. As the sport is only a few years old, little information is available on how many people take part in it, and high publicity around fatal wing suiting accidents has led to it being (perhaps unfairly) labelled as “probably the most dangerous sport in the world." It is normally associated with thrill-seeking daredevils flying ridiculously close to rock faces, taking apparent pleasure in defying death with every unbelievable flight.

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