our big blue backyard (series 2)

Back for a second series Our Big Blue Backyard this time dives deep into the ocean of the islands off New Zealand to discover stunning stories of marine animals.

programme information


5 x 60'

Production Company

NHNZ Worldwide





Episode Information

Five epic marine environments…each home to a neighbourhood of diverse marine animals living out their daily dramas alongside each other. Our Big Blue Backyard dives deep into the ocean to discover stunning stories of New Zealand’s marine animals. The second season ventures further afield to the Kermadec Islands,1000 kilometres north east of northland; the active volcano White Island; the Chatham Islands; Canterbury’s Banks Peninsula; and Fiordland. Each episode is structured around a coastal “neighbourhood” and features the charismatic and varied inhabitants as they interact in their unique locations. The behaviour of giant marine mammals , dolphins, penguins, sharks, numerous fish species and seabirds in such close proximity will connect New Zealanders to our oceans, like never before.

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