grizzly rewild

In a groundbreaking study, five orphaned grizzly bear cubs get a second chance at life in the wild.

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1 x 60'

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Q Camera Productions






Best Canadian Documentary - Hollywood North Film Awards, Toronto 2024

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After decades of overhunting and habitat loss, many of North America’s grizzly bear populations are under threat. Yet, when a mother grizzly dies, typically her cubs are either euthanized or put into zoos because it’s assumed they could not survive on their own. “Grizzly Rewild” showcases five orphaned grizzly cubs being reared at the world’s only grizzly rewilding facility in Smithers, British Columbia. We learn about each bear’s unique personality and follow them being released back to the wild wearing GPS collars. In a ground-breaking study, eminent bear biologist, Dr Lana Ciarniello tracks their progress over the next year to see whether they can survive without a mother to teach or protect them. It’s the first time rewilded grizzlies have ever been filmed re-adapting to life in the wild. If they survive - grizzly rewilding could become widely adopted and help rebuild North America’s declining grizzly populations.

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