secrets of big data

One of our definitive human traits - the collection and manipulation of data - holds promises and pitfalls for our future.
Data makes predictions possible and allows us to look for deeper meaning in the universe, but it is a double edged sword - bad data and biased data wreak untold havoc in our interactions.

6 x 60'

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Ground-breaking newform history brings Shackleton's Endurance expedition viscerally to life as never attempted before.

This series explores the eerie, puzzling and unnerving historical elements, places, icons, or events that seem to be plagued by what can only be described as a ‘curse’.

HISTORY     6 x 60'

cursed histories

Discover the true story of Beulah Mae Donald, who took down the Ku Klux Klan after the brutal murder and lynching of her son.

HISTORY     4 x 60'

people vs the klan, the

This series explores the 12th Century Norman invasion of Ireland, a real-life Game of Thrones that changed the history of Europe forever.

HISTORY     2 x 60'

normans, the

Embark on an epic journey that charts the rise and fall of a forgotten, ancient, imperial giant, 'The Great Assyrian Empire', history's first superpower.

‘Built For Battle’ is an informative and engaging returnable series tracing the history, innovation, and breakthrough moments of the world’s most influential military machines.

HISTORY     6 x 60'

built for battle

‘Hitler’s Secret Missions’ is a thorough and in-depth investigation into six audacious, daring and ruthless operations, designed and ordered by Hitler, as he set out to control the fate of Europe and determine the course of WWII and its final outcome.

HISTORY     6 x 60'

hitler's secret missions

This series looks at some of the most iconic mysteries of the world and meets the ‘Truthseekers’, who stop at nothing to uncover the truth behind myths and legends.

HISTORY     12 x 60'

truthseekers (series 1)

‘How to Lose a War’ offers a fresh perspective on the story of 1939-1945 - the second world war.

HISTORY     5 x 60'

how to lose a war

History's Ultimate Influencers explores the most influential figures from our collective past; examining the evidence of who these world changing characters really were.

HISTORY     4 x 60'

history's ultimate influencers

Military Masterminds analysis the life and feats of military leaders from the past century.

HISTORY     4 x 60'

military masterminds

Discover the stories behind the personal items and belongings left behind in Auschwitz Birkenau, a former nazi concentration and extermination camp, the world's largest cemetery and resting place.

HISTORY     5 x 60'

auschwitz in 33 objects

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